IAPP’s Press Pass Print


The International Association of Press Photographers, abbreviated IAPP, is the world association of press photographers. The organization works for freedom of press and improved working conditions for press photographers around the world.

The tool of a journalist is the press pass.
With it the journalist can pursue his work unencumbered. Whether he is doing research or he needs access to closed areas or events, or whether he needs to conduct interviews, a press pass makes the job considerably easier.
With it the journalist can pursue his job 100 percent.



Press pass of the IAPP for 2016

Members of the UJPA who need such a press pass for 2016 can order it starting immediately from the home page address www.ia-pp.com. Existing data and photos should be verified and if necessary updated to the latest status. In addition to an online order, the pass can also be requested by mail. Please download the application form here and send it to the IAPP.