Journalists Print


If you work as a journalist and wish to further expand your activities as a representative of the media, you should consider membership in the IAPP.
In addition to media professionals with extensive experience, newcomers are also registered members who engage actively in the media and press industry.

Contrary to many other journalist associations, the IAPP also assists part-time journalists.
IAPP is authorized to issue press passes. Further information about membership, contributions and the included services can be found here.



Even though a press pass is important in order for journalists to pursue their work, such a pass frequently no longer suffices. Event organizers, fair managements and organizations require an editorial pass as well or an editorial confirmation.
Alternatively, accreditation has to be granted directly from the respective editorial board. The cooperation partner “NewsmexX TV“ cannot provide accreditation for its members or provide detailed information.


Editorial ID Card

The IAPP’s editorial id card is meant to allow you to identify yourself editorially on location, in order to show that you have the right to information as a journalist and to receive admission to events and fairs. The card in the shape of a debit card simplifies the work of journalists considerably.
If you are striving for editorial collaboration with NewsmexX, you can rest assured that it is possible without red tape. Reports, photos, commentaries and comments are provided by the journalists, the NewsmexX editorial board follows up with feedback as to the conditions under which cooperation is possible. Editorial confirmations can be issued for one department at a time (e.g. economy, events, charity).
Confirmations are formally registered and are linked with an editorial entry at NewsmexX. Contact with NewsmexX can be established here.